Welcome to Wednesbury Shire

Wednesbury Shire is based out of Columbia, Missouri, and has members in Missouri and Illinois. Wednesbury Shire is a part of White Marsh Theod. White Marsh Theod is a religious group dedicated to the revival of the ancient pagan religions of the Anglo-Saxons, specifically the Angles. Its aims are to bring back Anglo-Saxon Heathen religious practices in all forms both social and individual. This requires that we revive the worship of the ancient Anglo-Saxon pagan Gods and Goddesses, the rites through which we worship them, as well as the social institutions, customs, and traditions of the ancient Germanic tribes. To do so we attempt to forge and strengthen the bonds of community within our organization. The group is a part of a larger movement known as Theodish Belief, a form of Germanic Paganism closely related to Asatru and Odinism.

Anglo-Saxon Paganism or Heathenry is a modern religion based on the ancient pagan tribal religions of the Germanic tribes that moved into what is now England in the 5th century. These tribes are generally thought to be the Angles, Jutes, and Saxons, although portions of other tribes such as the Frisians may have migrated also. It is therefore closely related to the ancient Norse pagan religion and shares many of the deities such as Odin (Woden) and Thor (Thunor).

Theodish Belief means "belief of the tribe." In Old English it would be Þéodisc Geléafa. Theodism maintains that worship of the Germanic Gods and Goddesses is best done in the form of a community. Therefore the community in the form of the theod or tribe is of utmost importance. Theodish Belief does not only reconstruct the religious beliefs of the ancient Germanic tribes, but also its cultural aspects as well. If you have questions, want more information, or are interested in joining us feel free to contact us.