Celebrant carminibus antiquis, quod unum apud illos memoriae et annalium genus est, Tuistonem deum terra editum. Ei filium Mannum, originem gentis conditoremque, Manno tris filios adsignant, e quorum nominibus proximi Oceano Ingaevones, medii Herminones, ceteri Istaevones vocentur. Quidam, ut in licentia vetustatis, pluris deo ortos plurisque gentis appellationes, Marsos Gambrivios Suebos Vandilios adfirmant, eaque vera et antiqua nomina.

In the traditional songs which form their only record of the past the Germans celebrate an earth-born god called Tuisto. His son Mannus is supposed to be the fountain-head of their race and himself to have begotten three sons who gave their names to three groups of tribes – the Ingaevones, nearest the sea; the Herminones, in the interior; and the Istaevones, who comprise all the rest. Some authorities, with the freedom of conjecture permitted by remote antiquity, assert that Tuisto had more numerous descendants and mention more tribal groups such as Marsi, Gambrivii, Suebi, and Vandilii – names which they affirm to be both genuine and ancient.(Tacitus, Germania)

Tusito only appears in  Germania. Some have compared him to the giant Ymir of Eddic fame, while Jakob Grimm tried to make him out to be Tiw (Tyr). H.R. Ellis Davidson maintians hisname is related to the Old Swedish word tvistra "separate." Others have linked his name to the numer two or words meaning "twin." Never the less, Tuisto's place in Germanic myth is not known. He may simply be a shadowy figure like Bor of which little was said. In all likelihood, Tuisto, his son Mannus, and Mannus' three sons cannot be compared to any in the Norse mythology. They may form a separate myth that was forgotten in the North.

Finally, Tactitus states Tuisto was earth sprung. It is possible he means that Tuisto was born of Eorðe (Jord) or Nerthus. If he is born of Nerthus, this would make him one of the Vanir.



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